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Lockdown 101

No, that title doesn't mean this is an easy way to do lockdown. Neither is it a list of things to do should you find yourself in lockdown. This is to write about one hundred and one days in lockdown. Not quite a prison, but there were prisoners who got out before 100 days were expired. Who even knew that from March 27 that there would be a hundred plus days of baking cakes and mending socks and watching webinars. Holy smokes, those webinars. Oh yes and talking of smokes! Apparently people gave up smoking. Or so the Minister of whatever says. I suspect it's because they just couldn't afford the blackmarket prices any longer. I believe they go for as much as R150 per box of 20! That probably is not many dollars but it sure is a lot of roubles! My good friend in Russia says that they now have a perpetual sunshine called White Nights. The sun doesn't set for a very long time. Imagine being a smoker in Russia?! You will never survive the onslaught of not being able to purchase a fag (oops a ciggie!). That will just be too much to bear for so many South Africans. At least we can now purchase alcohol legally, but not consume it in a restaurant. Can you just imagine how much pineapple beer was consumed over a lengthy period. A very lot I must say. I even have a friend who thought he could rival the cider producers with his product. He obviously couldn't find pineapples and used apples instead. Boy, did he consume his product: copious amounts thereof. And we even got the video to prove his silly dance moves in the silvery light of the moon. How many guides now have their own Youtube channels. Some of them don't even know what they should be talking about! Lockdown brings out the best in people. Conversely it also brings out the worst in people. (One would think this is a good idea for product placement right here. If only those Converse people would call me now!).

Actually this is a really serious page about tourism, but then I do always digress when doing my tourist guiding thing. How I miss those days out on safari when all we would see are lions and elephants. We would at times see so many elephants that we would look the other way at the giraffes instead! Now THAT is a whole lot of elephants. Isn't it a big pity what is happening in Botswana now with the elephants? Close to 350 of these pachyderms were just found dead. Nobody knows the reason. That must be the most traumatic thing one could see happen to such a majestic animal. Reminds me of the time flying into Savute in Botswana and the first thing we saw was an elephant set to by vultures. The predators were already long gone by then and the scavenging cleanup crew already moved in. That set the tone for the rest of the trip, as we didn't see too many elephants on that tour but we saw quite a number of leopard and lions. Actually one night, at dinner, we were treated to an awesome display of a Hyena chasing an impala directly in front of us at the waterhole. Such an awesome evening as we also got a display of about fifty elephants doing a relay through the waterhole and also got to spot a lion just ambling across to a place unknown. Just a word of caution: do not do a safari in Botswana during October. That is officially called suicide month, as it gets so hot you may as well have died. Botswana is a very huge country most of which is taken up by the Kalahari desert, but it is also home to the Okavango Delta. Now if ever you would want to do a safari that is as close to the days of yore as you can find, then get yourself to Botswana's Okavango Delta. You will not be disappointed. This is the real Africa where you smoke cigars at nights and have sundowner cocktails on a game drive watching the hippos in the sunset.



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