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While the world is in lockdown, nature is recovering to the state it would normally be without human intervention. This is good news for the conservationists and tourists alike, as we would be treated to an abundant spectacle once the global lockdown is completely over. On the other hand, the animals we wish to view might be a little more skittish around vehicles that they have not seen for many months. Would this add more stress to the animals resulting in a less than satisfactory experience for the tourist? How certain are we that we want to get that perfect picture of the lion yawning or the elephant trumpeting while sipping on a sundowner cocktail at the dam? Do we not just want to see the animal in its natural environment doing what comes naturally? Most likely there will be those who want to get the "Disney experience" where the meerkat rides on the back of the warthog while singing to the bear trundling alongside. I believe that the average visitor to our game parks and lodges will be of the conservation mindset who will marvel at the abundance of the "lesser species" while keeping an eye out for the marquee "BIG FIVE". We might see the emergence of the Painted Dog and the Lilac Breasted Roller as the species on the watchlist of many! WE ARE READY for you to experience that spectacle.

The world has seen so many changes over the past few months that we are all raring to go and see new places while still bearing in mind the devastating effects that the COVID-19 virus has left in its wake. Tourists to every destination will be wondering whether they are doing the right thing by travelling again. While we urge people to err on the side of caution, we are also saying that "WE ARE READY" to receive you.

We have put in place many safety protocols and measures to ensure the safety of our guests. During these days of uncertainty, we do know that our industry has to survive, even though we realise that there are inherent dangers in certain areas. These dangers always existed. We always suggested that travel to certain parts of the world would require vaccinations against various types of diseases. This time will be no different. Those who want to travel will say they are willing to take the risk as before and to them we say "WE ARE READY" and we will safeguard our guest to the best of our ability as we have always done.

We will take you to experience the wide open spaces where contact with other humans are minimal and you can enjoy your holiday with the knowledge that your needs have been taken care of with the precision of a military parade. You will have so much fun that you will have forgotten what it was like to be in lockdown. Take two weeks when this lockdown is over and when you return you will sing it from the rooftops that now indeed "WE ARE READY" to take on life once more!



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