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There is nothing better than spending time out in the real world soaking up the rays, sipping on a cocktail and reminiscing on the great times you had on a tour. Imagining the taste of the seafood platter you got at the fraction of the cost you would get anywhere else in the world, combined with one of the really good wines produced in this area. This after you had a great day out in the sun on a SUP as the waves lapped around your feet in this serene lagoon. Or that time when the wind came up and you took out your kitesurfing gear for a thrilling ride up and down the beach, where you had no worries about those heavy undercurrents often experienced in other places around the world. Just good wind and a perfect long wave...what about the time you went out for breakfast and saw the whales and dolphins jumping about and the cormorants diving into the water making their catch. Mussels in such abundance that the oystercatchers and gulls have the time of their lives out here.

Taking your camera bag to fill your lenses with the amazing spectacle of flowers all over the West Coast National Park and being thrilled at the amount of flamingoes and the waders in this RAMSAR site. The terns migrate here like clockwork. Not even they can stay away from this amazing area called WESKUS (West Coast).

Sitting on your balcony of your luxurious Calypso Beach hideaway listening to the waves of the West Coast gently lapping the shoreline, while the fish is grilling on the fire, dreaming that this day will never end and the idyll of this vacation will forever be alive is really living the fantasy.

Come spend some time out here in the West Coast of Cape Town. There is wine, food, culture, history and the best time man has ever dreamed of, and it is far from the madding crowd!



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