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Wine not? Top vineyards around the world

When we think about wine then our thoughts always go to the top estates. The question to answer, though, what is the best wine for me to consume right now? This is not a difficult question to answer, as it should always be: "Whatever you feel like at the moment".

What is the reason we drink wine? Many people drink wine because it feels like everyone else seems to be drinking it. There are those who drink for the obvious purpose of getting inebriated. Is this really as obvious as it may seem? The alcohol content of most wine is in the region of 11% to 15% alcohol by volume (or alc/vol), and is this really enough to get you totally sloshed? Of course, if you finish a bottle within half an hour of opening, on your own, without eating anything, then you are probably not going to pass any breathalyser testing. Actually maybe you shouldn't even be passing by the bathroom, but that's another matter! However, if, like most of the civilised world, you have wine when eating, then a glass or two should have more benefit than not.

The biggest benefit, I'd say, is that it eases the tongue a bit. Yes, the social interaction might be a bit easier than a couple hours earlier. But the important benefit is that it most likely will enhance the flavour of that tasty morsel on your plate. Yes the food! This is where we enter the fray and say Wine not? WHY not? Well, because besides that the first miracle was turning water to wine, the TASTE is what matters. The flavour profile of wine is quite different one from the other, but there are certain characteristics one can determine from different types of varietals.

Much like a burger has a flavour distinct from a steak, so a Cabernet has a different flavour to a Pinot Noir. This is what sets the top wine estates apart from others. Consistency. CONSISTENCY. We want our steaks to have the same flavour when we eat it at the same restaurant in June as opposed to December. This is why we go there. They are consistent. The other one is VERSATILITY. We want the restaurant to have other steaks, or meats, as well as our favourite. So if an estate can produce a wine that is consistent in its profile and have a versatility in what they offer then this makes for a top wine estate. But this is still subjective. I prefer rump steak, while my partner prefers fillet. This is but a nuance of flavour. NUANCE. If the estate can produce a wine that is so nuanced, yet on closer inspection, one can discern the difference, then THAT is a great wine estate.

Ultimately. the one thing that top wine estates around the world do consistently is to make you fill your glass with the same wine every time you decide to have a glass! Enjoy that glass of wine you're having....



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