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Select any of these experiences to enhance your visit. If there is not a listing for your interest then let us know and we will find an activity.


Get on a MTB and feel the magic of the terrain. This activity is designed for experienced mountain bikers, as there is a definite level of skill involved.


There are a number of hiking trails around the whole of South Africa where we can explore the natural beauty of the surroundings on foot. Make your senses come alive with different levels from an easy stroll to more technical trails up the mountains of South Africa,


We can take you into the kelp forests or you could kayak to a penguin colony. Wherever we can launch a kayak is where we can experience this thrilling adventure.


A number of sites are available depending on the prevailing conditions.


Dive at the most amazing shipwrecks around the Cape coastline or be surprised at the location.


Use muscles that you cannot do while sitting in a vehicle all day! Feel the sense of freedom on the ocean and smell the freshness of the natural surrounding. This activity is done in the West Coast on the Langebaan Lagoon, but other areas are also available.


Learn a new style of cooking with spices you may not have used before or a technique you haven't thought of previously. Every type of cuisine is catered for, with the more popular being the Cape Malay inspired dishes, the Afrikaner stews and desserts. or even many of the dishes inspired by the Portuguese who travelled along our coastline.


Learn how to be a Barista or just to make that perfect cup of coffee to inspire your day. From normal espresso to cold-brewed coffee containing cardamom and cream. This is a delight for any coffee lover. Demonstrations are arranged in Cape Town and/or Stellenbosch.

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